Eyelash Services

Beau Ideal has customized and completed thousands of eyelash extension applications.

Schedule your Lash Extensions or Lash Lifts with the best!

All services, prices, and duration of services are dependent on the chosen technician and listed on our booking site

Our team determines your current lash line and discusses your desired combination of lashes such as lengths, curls, thickness, and budgets. Not only has our team provided the service of extensions for our numerous clientele, we are also trainers for licensed professionals.

Natural Set

Natural Set

60-80 Lashes per Eye

1 hour of Bonding Time

not all lashes are bonded

Natural Set_edited.jpg

Ideal Set

Ideal Set

120-180 Lashes per Eye

2 hours of Bonding Time

Almost every lash bonded

Touch Up_Fill_edited_edited.png

“Awesome eyelash services! My lash stylist listens to exactly what you want and you have beautiful full and long lashes in just a couple of hours. My one time wedding eyelashes have now been on for 3 months because I love her work so much."

- Tera T, Yelp

...Beau Ideal lashes will leave you feeling like a fairytale, so natural & dramatic - perfection!”

- DJ P, Yelp


2D Set

2D is the newest style of lashing where a lighter but significantly thicker lash line will result with double the amount of lashes per eye.


A group of 2 extremely fine lightweight lashes are bonded to 1 eyelash. 

Not all lashes are bonded.


2D is 1 hour and 45 min of bonding time. 

."The extensions are beautiful and after a couple of weeks not too many have fallen off...I’ve made my next appointment for next week but at this rate I’m sure the lashes will still be pretty full...I think Beau Ideal has found another permanent client! My lashes never lasted this nicely with my previous lash lady!!! ”

- Sharon B, Yelp



3D Set

With 3D lashes you are getting the maximum possible amount of lashes able to bond to the lash line. 


A group of 3-4 extremely fine lightweight lashes are bonded to 1 eyelash hair.

Volume lashes do not look realistic but do appear dark and full.

3D is 2 hours and 45 min of bonding time. 


"The salon is clean, inviting and relaxing. Jen is a sweetheart. The prices are very reasonable in a city where people will charge far more for inferior work. If you have been toying with the idea of trying extensions, then I can’t recommend Beau any more highly.”

- Summer, Yelp

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